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White and Black Combo

White and Black Combo

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It is a great idea to have a white and black dance shirts combo, only by changing shirts you can change your performance looks easily and create two different characters on the dance floor wearing only one suit. By wearing a white shirt you would create a more classical, sophisticated look, and with black more dapper and stylish. This way you and the judges with the audience are not gonna get tired of the same look, you wearing the same suit all the time.  

All MKstyle shirts have features that make dancers feel their best on the dance floor:

-MKstyle dance shirt is made out of stretchy fabric, lightweight, and breathable fabric, it will allow moisture to evaporate this way keeping you cool and dry.

-Its bottom part features boxers brief with snap buttons making your change quick and easy but the moment you actively dancing it will keep your shirt tucked in.

- Front hidden zipper allows creating a clean look with no buttons popping out when you want to wear a bow tie.

-A new design collar allows keeping a clean look with the help of a hidden button, so no overlapping collars.

-Unique cuffs will give you a chance to choose your most comfortable tightness on the wrist and style of buttoning up, you can use buttons or favorite cufflinks. 

It is the best choice to wear it under a vest or a jacket for Smooth or Standard performances, also it is great for teaching or practices.

Sized by the neck width in inches and centimeters. It is stretch fabric so fits well any body size.

Contact us for a custom made shirt if your dimensions are not standard.