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“I have been dancing in MK tailsuits and jackets for 4 years now and I am so glad to found the true professional tailor. I highly recommend MK style for all dancers of all levels”

Alexander Voskalchuk

"I truly love dancing in MK Style. Not only is Marius a true professional, but he listens to your needs and finds the perfect look for you! Go to no one else!"

Oskar Wojciechowski

What makes MK styles stand out from the rest is his passion for his craft. His good natured character and absolute care for his customers is why he remains one of the top ballroom designers worldwide."

Vladyslav Nalyvaychuk


The importance of what you wear and how you look at the dance competition, lesson, or practice is as important as your physical skills in ballroom dancing. MKstyle is created by former World Youth Standard Champion Marius Kriukelis. Journey to this title and overall experience for over 30 years in ballroom dancing allows knowing exactly what dancers need to look stylish and most important feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Our focus on details makes MKstyle tail suits, tuxedos, and practice wear best in the market. Just by dressing you in MKstyle dancewear, we will help you to elevate your dancing to the next level.






MK Style make the best suits period. I love the fit and the attention to detail. Marius stays current on all men’s bespoke fashion trends to give the best advice for your style. I love my suits from MK Style.

Travis Tuft

If you want to look like a champion Marius is the guy. MK style is absolutely the best for men who pay attention to details, comfort and style. MK style has it all: fantastic designs, great team and perfect execution.

Dmytro Gurkov

His suits are amazingly crafted and honestly the most comfortable suits I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend getting a suit from him!

Brandon Keck

"It's not enough to dance well, You have to look good too"